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Welcome To NATE!

Alone we can do so little,
Together we can do so much.
--Helen Keller


NATE -- the National Assistive Technology in Education Network -- brings together information from the many fields and disciplines that are involved in assistive technology services in educational settings. We provide that information in a cohesive, integrated manner, so that people from all disciplines can access it.

We promote and encourage increased collaboration between people from different disciplines at the local team level and at the larger regional and national levels.

The NATE Network serves as the fiscal sponsor for other ad hoc assistive technology groups helping them to meet their goals of advancing knowledge about assistive technology.

Look for NATE meetings at national conferences. As a member you will receive email notifications of these meetings.



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Our Mission

To help service providers develop their capacity to work collaboratively to implement assistive technology services that are legal, ethical, cost effective and efficient.